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Meet Karmyn

Karmyn Dreams of Sushi!

A Letter from Karmyn’s family:

What started out as a few random fevers throughout the summer of 2018, turned into an emergency room visit and news that turned our whole world upside down. During the early hours of August 25, 2018, we found out that our little 6-year-old Karmyn had cancer.

A few days later, she was formally diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. Two weeks after that, it was concluded that Karmyn had Philadelphia Positive ALL, which is very rare in that less than 5% of kids have it. Since then, Karmyn has turned 7 and her days have been mainly filled with trips to CancerCare and admissions at Children's Hospital. Due to her high-risk diagnosis, she has needed 5 cycles of intense chemotherapy over the past 6 months. Karmyn is set to continue her treatment for approximately 2 more years…. READ MORE

No matter the day, no matter the meal, no matter how nauseous she feels from chemo - she’ll ask for salmon sashimi! So it was an absolute no-brainer choosing a trip to Tokyo, Japan as her Dream!

A Message from Manitoba Restaurant & Foodservices


The Manitoba Restaurant and Foodservices Association is proud to be supporting one of The Dream Factory’s biggest dreams ever! When we heard that Karmyn was dreaming of sushi - we knew we had to help make this very special dream come true.

To send Karmyn and her family of 5 to Tokyo, Japan is no small task - and we want to make sure that her Dream Trip is full of memories that will last a lifetime. Our members care deeply about making a difference here in our community, and we can’t wait to celebrate Karmyn’s dream come true. We might even have a few sushi surprises in store along the way!

There are a few ways that you can help us reach our goal of bringing Karmyn’s dream to life:

  • Donate - By completing the donation form on this page, your gift will directly support our goal of making Karmyn’s dream come true

  • Support Our Upcoming Events - Stay tuned to this page and our social media (@manitobarestaurants) for information about exciting events to help reach our goal

  • Spread The Word - Share this page with your friends and family and through your social media channels so that we can help raise more funds and awareness for The Dream Factory!

Thank you for helping us make a dream come true. Together, we are going to send Karmyn to Japan!

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Shaun Jeffrey
Executive Director
Manitoba Restaurant & Foodservice Association

Meet Karmyn’s “Sushi Krew”

Pictured:   Karmyn’s Sushi Krew  paddling hard as the  Top Fundraising Team  of the 2019 River City Dragon Boat Festival

Pictured: Karmyn’s Sushi Krew paddling hard as the Top Fundraising Team of the 2019 River City Dragon Boat Festival

What began as a gathering of family and friends on a Saturday afternoon, became a plan to enter a Dragon Boat team into The Dream Factory’s River City Dragon Boat Festival.

The following week, while I was at work, a co-worker sent out a notice for the MRFA Blue Bombers' Season Opener Hospitality Night to benefit Karmyn's Dream, sharing the story of her very good friends' daughter Karmyn, and her dream trip to Japan for the ultimate Sushi experience. Our team was inspired by the courage and strength of this family, and resilience of a child so young, reached out to The Dream Factory, who allowed us to paddle for, and direct our fundraising efforts to, Karmyn's unique dream experience.

Johnston Group and Southside Service (a small repair shop in Stonewall) didn't hesitate to jump onboard to co-sponsor our team, allowing us to kick start our fundraising. This awesome group of family, friends, and Johnston Group staff, exceeded multiple fundraising challenges and goal increases, ever inspired by Karmyn's resilience and, once we met her, her terrific smile!

Thank you to all of the paddlers and donors of Karmyn’s Sushi Krew for helping bring this very special dream to life!

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