Meet Holdyn

Holdyn dreams of visiting Universal Studios Orlando!

A Letter from Holdyn’s Family

Holdyn is a very energetic, happy, life loving, kind, and caring 10-year-old kid! He lives on a farm with his mom, dad, big brother, and his dog in Roblin, Manitoba. He enjoys to be with his brother quadding and sledding, reading and watching funny videos, playing with his dog and hanging with his dad on the farm. He loves to help wherever needed. 

In late 2018 our lives were changed from one phone call; Holdyn was diagnosed with Langerhans cell histiocytosis disease. We stayed in the hospital for almost 2 weeks having tests and scans done to try to find a treatment plan for him as a tumour was found on the bone behind his ear.  The beginning of our adventure started with a 12 week treatment cycle of once a week chemotherapy treatments. During those 12 weeks Holdyn was not able to attend school or be anywhere there were large groups of people. This made it very difficult at times to try to keep his spirits up, along with everyone else’s, as he is such a social butterfly and missed a lot of his friends and just being able to do things he used to do…. READ MORE

This whole adventure has been met with many ups and downs. Trying to stay positive when your child is sick is very hard; they watch you all the time to see how you react. It affects the whole family.

A Message from Shippam + Associates


Randy Shippam was a vibrant part of the Winnipeg community prior to passing away at the young age of 41. After his passing, The Randy Shippam Invitational launched to raise money for his 2 sons Max and Sam as well as raising funds for local charities. Randy was always engaged with his kids and children in his community. We felt the Dream Factory shared the same values as Randy and his family, so it was a natural fit to partner and help support and raise funds to help make a kids dream come true.