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Dream Kid Ojulo

Ojulu is a very brave 17-year-old who has had to face some challenges in his life that no kid should ever have to. Ojulu is living with End Stage Renal Failure, as well as blindness. Even though O.J. has experienced some really tough times, this doesn’t stop him from approaching all of his challenges with a smile on his face and an amazing attitude! And it especially doesn’t stop him from dreaming!

For his dream, O.J. wanted a computer system that would allow him the opportunity to feel more independent, so we found O.J. a top of the line laptop with a voice commanding system! We threw O.J. a really fun party where we presented him with all of his goodies and a certificate to redeem his laptop when it’s ready in the early fall! O.J.’s friend Ace Burpee even attended the party to celebrate with us!

We are so happy we could make this dream come true for O.J. and are grateful that we got to celebrate his dream with him!

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