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Meet Zachary

Zachary’s mom Amanda describes him as a “busy, happy, and affectionate boy” who loves being outside and staying active. At 10 years old, some of Zachary’s favourite activities including canoeing, kayaking, hiking, swimming and just having fun with his family.

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Meet Holdyn

Holdyn is a very energetic, happy, life loving, kind, and caring 10-year-old kid! He lives on a farm with his mom, dad, big brother, and his dog in Roblin, Manitoba. He enjoys to be with his brother quadding and sledding, reading and watching funny videos, playing with his dog and hanging with his dad on the farm. He loves to help wherever needed.

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Meet Delaney

I was a reasonably healthy kid who enjoyed the things most kids do – riding my bike, playing hide and seek and of course seeing my friends and family. I have always had a degree of scoliosis, but it never held me back from being active – I played volleyball, soccer (making it to city championship games twice with my team!), curling, horseback riding – and anything else that I wanted to try.

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Meet Jaxx

Jaxx was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis at just 2 1/2 weeks old: it was the scariest day of our lives, and we did not know what the future held for our first amazing little boy. Cystic Fibrosis is a fatal genetic disease with no cure that affects the lungs, liver, and pancreas. There were a whirlwind of appointments and admittances that followed Jaxx’s diagnosis.

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Meet Drea

On January 17, 2019, our lives changed in a matter of minutes. Our baby girl, Drea had been not feeling well for months: constant nausea, headaches and dizziness. We had taken her to the doctor several times and after two emergency room visits, a CT scan confirmed our worst nightmare: Drea had a tumour inside the 4th ventricle of her brain.

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Meet Daria

Konichiwa, Dream Team!

I would like to tell you about my dream trip to Japan that you have organized for me. I will tell my story starting from the limousine that took us to the airport. I had indescribable feelings. It was the first time I rode in a limo and I was feeling like a celebrity too!

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Meet Heidi

Heidi lives up in Gnadenthal, a 15-minute drive South-East of Winkler, with a family that knows how to love each other. Heidi, an 11-year-old, was born a twin, has a younger sister, as well another set of younger twin siblings.

To really know Heidi’s story, we have to look back to a few years ago.

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Meet Azariah

Azariah was only three months old when her family learned that she had a rare form of kidney cancer called Wilm’s Tumour. It was rare enough for someone as young as Azariah to be diagnosed, but even rarer to have tumours on both kidneys.

Over the last three years, Azariah has been an absolute trooper, handling all of the tests and treatments along the way. It has been so incredibly tough on her parents and her siblings, and this whole family could benefit from some of the hope and joy that comes from a dream come true.

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