WPG CYCLE: Spinning For A Dream!

This January, local entrepreneurs and owners of WPG Cycle Christy Weiss and Jamie Murray decided that they wanted to make a difference. They were going to make a dream come true. 

Christy and Jamie strive every day to build a community that is safe, inclusive, and positive. It was nothing short of destiny when they learned that there was a little girl out there dreaming of finding exactly that: community

Pictured : WPG Cycle Owner Christy Weiss with new friend and Dream Kid, Ella.

Pictured: WPG Cycle Owner Christy Weiss with new friend and Dream Kid, Ella.

About Ella:  

Ella has STXBP1, but there is much more to know about her. Ella is a lovely, happy, and loving 9 year old girl. She loves to make friends, and has a soft spot for babies and dogs. She can’t pass by anyone who is crying unless she stops to comfort them, especially a crying baby.  

Ella doesn’t speak, but instead she communicates by using her iPad and AAC software, pointing, and vocalizing or taking us directly to what she wants. She attends Third Grade with full-time support and loves school.  

Ella has seizures. So far they have typically only occurred associated with sleep— either when she is falling asleep, during sleep, or immediately upon waking.  

Ella loves water and swimming. She loves buses, and excavators, and airplanes, and anything with wheels. She likes to read books. She loves swinging on the swings. Like many other kids she loves hanging out with her friends at school, listening to music, and anything to do with the movie Frozen.  

Ella’s dream is simple - she wants to meet other kids just like her. Kids who are living with an STX disorder and face the same day to day challenges that she does.  

A Dream Come True

Pictured:  Ella during her first visit to  WPG Cycle .

Pictured: Ella during her first visit to WPG Cycle.

From January to May 2018, WPG Cycle ran a series of fundraising to help make Dream Kid Ella’s dream into reality. Fundraising initiatives included weekly “Donate Dominate” charity rides as well as a “WPG’S Got Talent” variety show featuring local musicians and comedians at Jekyll & Hyde’s. There were over 150 people in attendance and the show was incredible! 

We are so blown away at the generosity that WPG Cycle community has shown to The Dream Factory this year. Together they raised over $11,000 - making Ella’s dream come true and giving her and her family the experience of a lifetime.

About WPG Cycle: 

At WPG Cycle we provide more than just a bike ride: We are a platform for change, a place of positivity, a community to exercise your mind, body and soul. We ride to the beat of the music with state of the art sound and lighting, advanced cycling equipment and inspirational instructors to motivate you. We guarantee that everyone that walks through the door at WPG Cycle will feel welcomed and experience the natural high from our energy and the music. Join the Spin Squad, get inspired, get lost in the music. Feel the energy, feel your power.