Meet Delaney

In Her Words - Letter From A Dream Kid:


Meet Delaney

A Winnipeg sports super-fan!


Dear Friend of The Dream Factory,

I was a reasonably healthy kid who enjoyed the things most kids do – riding my bike, playing hide and seek and of course seeing my friends and family. I have always had a degree of scoliosis, but it never held me back from being active – I played volleyball, soccer (making it to city championship games twice with my team!), curling, horseback riding – and anything else that I wanted to try.

That changed when I turned 14. I learned that I had Gorlin Syndrome, which causes tumours to grow in my jaw. I also had a sudden, unexpected deterioration of my scoliosis and surgery was determined to be the best option. Even with the best pre-assessments, the surgeons were very surprised at how “sick” my spine was. During that surgery all spinal cord “impulses” were lost and I became paralyzed.

I had a very long period of recovery and spent 270 days at Children’s Hospital (HSC) in Winnipeg, including a week in the ICU and a month in acute care experiencing significant amounts of pain that was very difficult to control. I had to relearn how to do the most basic things - even sitting up was a challenge. That’s when I first met The Dream Factory.

When I first met The Dream Factory, I couldn’t believe that they were giving me the opportunity to choose almost anything I wanted to do. Anything I could dream of. As you can imagine, it took me some time to decide on what I wanted to do, and in the end, I chose a “VIP Winnipeg Sports Fan Experience”. This included me meeting the local sports teams, getting a tour of the facilities and watching a game.

I’ve always been a huge sports fan - and being able to see what goes on behind the scenes of my favourite teams was definitely my #1 choice.

When I first met The Dream Factory, I couldn’t believe that they were giving me the opportunity to choose almost anything I wanted to do. Anything I could dream of.

Last summer I was fortunate enough to meet the Winnipeg Blue Bombers. I toured the stadium, watched a practice, met the team and coaches after the practice (the best part!) and even got to watch a game. It was very cool seeing my name up on the scoreboard as we arrived.

I also got to meet the Winnipeg Goldeyes. I saw all of the behind-the-scene action, watched a practice before a game, got to meet the team and Coach Rick before the game, and even went out on the field during the umpire’s meeting. It was a one of a kind experience!

Just before Christmas, I was very excited to see the Winnipeg Jets. I was able to bring a friend and we went to watch the game (which they won!). During the intermission, I was surprised to meet Mark Chipman, Assistant Coach Todd Woodcroft, and Eddie Olczyk. Afterwards, my friend and I were able to meet Josh Morrissey and Patrick Laine down in the players’ area. I’ll always remember that.

I just want to express my gratitude to the Dream Factory and everyone who supports them. My dream would have never happened without them, and I am forever grateful for this wonderful experience

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