Meet Apollo

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Meet Apollo

A very strong name for a very strong little guy!


The minute our son was born, the doctor asked us what his name would be and we said Apollo!

She immediately said that it was quite the strong name to live up to. Apollo has never been a sickly child (quite the opposite!) but just before the age of 2, he started to have recurring ear infections. This continued for a while and at first we thought they were from swimming class, but when it persisted it was evident he needed ear tubes.

During this time a suspicious bump showed up on the left side of his head. Then he started suffering from high fevers, which would show up and disappear within a day.

A year full of tests, chemo, medications, hospital stays, and setbacks. Through it all, Apollo has lived up to his strong name.

After countless doctor’s appointments, we were scheduled for surgery for ear tubes and to examine this bump. The surgery for tubes was successful but they tried to extract fluid from the bump and came up with nothing. They determined he needed to have an ultrasound.

The results from the ultrasound showed a suspected case of Langerhans cell histiocytosis (LCH). This news was devastating, and it took us straight to Children’s Hospital where Apollo had to endure a series of tests and a cranium surgery before finally being diagnosed on May 18th, 2018 with single cell multi-system LCH. He had a total of 4 lesions on his skull.

Since that day, it has been a rollercoaster of a year for both Apollo and our family. A year full of tests, chemo, medications, hospital stays, and setbacks. Through it all, Apollo has lived up to his strong name.

Apollo is a vibrant, determined strong minded 3-year-old who is way too wise for all he has been through. He has an extreme love for anything super hero related, but he especially loves lady super heroes, his favourite being Wonder Woman. He also loves Disney Princesses, some of his all-time favorites being Moana and Elsa/Anna.

Apollo loves to play with his big brothers, dressing up in super hero costumes and saving the planet like the Avengers or pretending to play video games or just watching big bro play, chasing and throwing the ball to his doggy, Jett.

To learn that The Dream Factory is going to make Apollo’s dream come true to meet his favourite princesses and superheroes will put the ultimate smile on his face. It will allow him to enjoy just being a little guy with a big dream and forget all the needle pokes and yucky yum yum (that’s what we call his meds). We could not be more thankful for this beautiful Dream for our Apollo!

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