Wonderful Volunteers – Chantal Best

Who are you?

Chantal Best is my name.  I’m a lot of things; daughter, sister, godmother, best friend, partner to name a few and more importantly a giving person that makes me happy to help people.  I have a lot of interests, which makes me an eclectic person; dancing, singing, some sports, different cultures/nationalities, languages, and more recently the sciences. I’m the youngest of 3 children and always wanted attention and now I can pay it forward with volunteering and helping where I can

What is your current role with the organization and how did you get involved get involved with The Dream Factory.

I was working and going home most days and wanted to find a purpose, something that meant something to me, and to others.  I looked up volunteering opportunities on a website and saw a few that involved children.  The Dream Factory, then known as The Rainbow Society was one that struck me as a great place to help children lift their spirits and bring them joy, if only for a brief moment.

I came in for an interview, the lady at the time and I chatted a few minutes about me and the various roles with The Dream Factory and then we chatted about a whole bunch of other things for the 20 minutes remaining – our interests, music, etc. we clicked and are still acquaintances to this day.

What is your favourite thing about being involved with The Dream Factory?

Being part of a community of individuals who help kids and their families is the best and is very rewarding. It’s a wonderful feeling to see a group of individuals get together and help this wonderful organization that supports families in Manitoba. Gifts of time are a special gift that can be as easy as a few hours a week.

I have the time to give to others that are less fortunate and The Dream Factory allows me to do that.

I also really enjoy when my husband Shaun and I get to volunteer for The Dream Factory together.

What do you like to do when you are not volunteering your time with The Dream Factory?

I have a variety of interests that range from little to big things, simple things mostly. I like to stay fairly active; working out, dancing, singing.  I love to cook and bake (although I don’t often stick to the recipes). I was a bowler for a long time and am sparing when needed.

I am about to start attending a Toastmasters club to better my speaking skills and group my thoughts – yet another place to meet people and be part of a community. I’m quite involved with a variety of events at work; United Way, Take Our Kids to Work, National Public Service Week, Employee Engagement – working on mindfulness activities for well-being at work. I attend yoga classes and spiritual festivals.

I enjoy singing but have yet to rejoin a group. I do the odd thing like be a mascot for a festival in Ottawa (see picture), I dress up all funny for delivering a singing telegram at Valentine’s Day or retirement party.  I also acted as an extra in short films/commercials and I like to participate in Broadway singing events.

I certainly can’t say I haven’t lived life. I’ve gone skydiving, twice, even being afraid of heights. I’ve run a few half marathons and rode a camel in Egypt.  Besides all this I do work as an admin assistant and love it, helping others with what I know.

If you could have a dream come true….what would it be?

Sing onstage with Bette or even create a Fringe show cabaret style with Bette as the star and I would play Bette.


Chantal as Ice Hog the mascot                        Chantal and husband Shaun volunteering for The Dream Factory

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